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Solve lower body concerns with BottomSlim

This week I went to BottomSlim to have some treatments done! What kind of treatments? To have my bottom slimmer, because I have really really huge thighs, and also the cellulite that makes me really depress looking at it. To have smaller thighs are dreams of many girls and I have gotten the chance to experience it myself!!!!

bottom slim bad reviews
I have always wanted to get to the gym to get myself toned but some areas are just too difficult to reduce even with exercise and diet so I thought that BottomSlim sounds awesome, need not to sweat and I am gonna have instant results!!!!!

The specialist told me there’s mainly 4 ways to slim down.

1. Exercise.

2. Diet Pills.

3. Diet.

4. Slimming centre, so yep here I am!!!

It’s really important to have a slimmer and slender lower body! Its not just about looking good, but also feeling good and confident! And since my most concerned area is my thighs, I sought help from BottomSlim, the pioneer in lower body slimming!

A lower body analysis is conducted first to find out more about my daily habits and lifestyle!
No idea what I was doing with my fingers, like that, but I think its cute. LOL.

Okay, back to the topic. My specialist, Seline told me that I need to keep a lookout at my diet, and drink lots of water!!!! I have fats protruding out at my inner and outer thighs, water retention at my thigh areas and lots of cellulites.. :-(
Many Asian girls face having a heavier bottom (like me)!! Causes might be due to long hours of sitting down. Some might face issues like cellulite, stretch marks even though they may not be big in size. (LIKE ME)

BottomSlim helps to tackle any lower body concerns as they are the pioneer in lower body slimming!

They are the Winner! Yay!
Before we get started with anything, we have to get myself weigh!

41.8kg < my weight I will lose more, and control my diet to reach 37kg real soon!

27.2% of fats, 47.3% of water retention, 38% muscles and 2.0 of others.
Look at the treatment room’s bed. The petals of flowers on the bed. Looks so romantic! Haha.
Me laying down with the machine beside me. Hehe.
And what I have done!? I have done one of BottomSlim’s signature, the BottomTrim Treatment! It’s to lessen my cellulites! After the treatment, I said finally…. I was finally done with it, because when I was doing the treatment, it hurts a little, It was bearable though. You will have some bruises and it wasn’t that bad, well, the bruises allow us to know that it works because it is the process of breaking down stubborn fats and improving our circulation!

Benefits of BottomTrim Therapy:

• Breaks down accumulated stubborn fats in areas difficult to lose

• Improves overall blood circulation

• Eliminates toxins

• Liquefy fats

• Firms up and shapes lower body for better definition

• Smooth lumpy areas

• Reduces cellulite appearance

Suitable for: ladies who seldom exercise / walk , spend long hours sitting, have stubborn bulges around lower body and have cellulite appearance.

Just like anyone at first I’m quite skeptical about seeing results in just one session but seriously you gotta to see it with your own eyes.

Seline actually took pictures of my thighs and showed it to me, I was so shock to know that it actually works within a session!!! She actually took a picture of my thigh together with my butt to prove to me that it works within a session. I didn’t show it here as I was in my erm hmmm...

I feel happy of course, to have my thighs slimed within an hour by laying down doing nothing. Hahaha.

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